Jungle Jump

Written by Dave Nulty on 12/3/2012


Jungle Jump is our first cascading reels slot and has an exciting interactive bonus game with a freefalling red panda collecting coins. We set out to create an experience similar to a video game with interactive elements, so the player has to make Jin the red panda jump, punch, and fall faster to collect additional coins.



Team work = Great Games!

Like so many of our games, the team responsible for Jungle Jump came up with the concept and the development was very democratic. New game concepts usually come from our pitch and brief sessions where game studios pitch a game idea to the committee. This is how most of the games you see here on the site were born.



Jump for Joy!

The bonus games are where we can have some fun and create an exciting and engaging experience for the player. Jungle Jump is probably one of our most ambitious games to date in this respect.