Bingo Lane

Written by Sophia Coney on 10/7/2013

Bingo Lane’s fun and friendly, high-quality experience has made it the fastest growing Bingo game on Facebook and the number one bingo game on the Apple App Store in 9 out of 15 countries.
Currently live on Facebook and iPad, the Bingo Lane team have their sights set on bringing this great game to iPhone and Android devices in the very near future.
Each with their own personality and purpose, Wonderballs are animated characters that add a fun and exciting twist to Bingo Lane never before seen in a social bingo game!
Taking you through time and space, our variety of themed rooms offer players new locations to play in, new bingo callers, unique Wonderballs and a huge set of items to collect.
Each of our themes comes with a set of four houses for players to complete. The neighbourhood acts as a sticker book for players’ collections, and offers them rewards for completing each house.
From playing for the first time to winning their first bingo, we offer players a huge number of achievements to collect.
It's only been a short while since we launched, but thanks to its unique features and premium graphics, Bingo Lane is proving to be one of the most popular bingo games on the web. Give it a try!