Working at Gamesys

  • “I joined Gamesys in the gaming operations team in November 2011 after completing a degree in theoretical physics at Birmingham University. I felt like part of the team straight away and the company has retained a strong community feeling despite recent, rapid growth. I’ve been given plenty of interesting work and learnt a lot in a short time period. I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else and am really looking forward to my future here. ”

    Louis Burrows: Quantitative Analyst joined 2011

  • I joined Gamesys back in 2004 having come from a long career in video games. What I love about working at Gamesys is that despite the size and success of the company now, it still has that family feel and fun buzz about it! Each year I have been fortunate enough to have worked on exciting opportunities and this year is no exception. In fact, this will be our most exciting and challenging one yet. 

    Dave Nulty: Games Producer joined 2004

  • I joined the company back in 2003, when it was much smaller that it is today. You would think after such a long time in one Company things which be getting a bit stale for me, far from it! I'm currently working on an exciting new project to deliver a level of automation to our player treatments on site. The team are given a level of autonomy, and a clear focus from the product owner. We have a range of skills and experience in the team, and everyone has a voice! Cannot think of many other companies that would allow me as one of the senior architects in the company to get down and code with the rest of the team, simply awesome!

    Jeff Bannister: Chief Technical Architect joined 2003

  • In 2011, somewhere in London, one of Gamesys directors had an idea:’ let’s employ a behaviour analyst and be the first company ever to incorporate quantitative and qualitative data’.

    And so his search began.

    In the mean time I was actively looking for work following my graduation in 2010, preferably in my area of expertise-Psychology. It was a long process of searching, very tedious and soul draining.

    One day I was contacted by the recruitment agency and was successful at securing myself an interview with Gamesys director mentioned above.

    Following the interview and completion of some homework, I was accepted to Gamesys community. And what a community this is! Its motto is ‘Upwards and Onwards’! Everyone is highly creative and enthusiastic not to mention talented. These talented people implement ideas and create bespoke products each and every day.

    I feel very lucky and privileged to work here at Gamesys as there is nothing more rewarding than finding your ideas implemented and relied upon, which I guess is everyone’s dream.

    So what can I say, this is a dream job and a dream company to work for indeed;  Luck has brought me here just the same as luck entices our players to come back and play each day. Furthermore, luck and amazingly talented people make this company unique and prosperous.  

    Kristina Curtis: Behavioral Analyst joined 2011