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Gamesys Launch Friend of Pride

Founded in 2016, Gamesys Pride was set up to give people in the LGBT+ community a communication and support network inside the Gamesys family. It was, and remains, an inclusive group that is open to all comers – anyone can join!

Promoting openness, celebrating diversity and making the working environment fairer for all are just a few of Pride’s long-term objectives. The group are focused on having a more active role in shaping HR’s policies and encouraging people to learn more about the LGBT+ community.

In July, Pride launched the ‘Friend of Pride’ initiative to help further educate the Gamesys family, producing the slogan – ‘Learn, Live, Love’. The idea being that as people learn more about the LGBT+ community, they embody those principles of understanding and acceptance, carrying that through into their everyday life and embracing everyone’s differences.

‘Whether you’re LGBT+ or you’re not, you can call yourself a Friend of Pride.’

The organisation filmed a promotional video to explain the initiative and Head of Pride, Joshua Anderson, couldn’t have been happier with the result.

He said “Pride as an LGBT+ network has been running for nearly a year now, and whilst we have a focus on joining people across the offices together for social events, charity fundraisers, Eurovision parties and quizzes, we also have another purpose: to educate.

Our Friend of Pride initiative is what other companies might coin as an LGBT ally initiative. For me, being an ally implies a battle from the start, so we prefer the term Friend. We decided to call it Friend of Pride because of the historical phrase Friend of Dorothy (or Friend of Mrs King) which is how gay men used to identify each other when being homosexual was illegal (before 1967).

We had a lot of fun making this video, it was a fantastic effort from across the Gamesys offices and across the business to create something truly unique. It is really representative of the Gamesys way of completing a project, and it has a clear message of inclusion – we hope you enjoy watching it!”