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Get your tickets for Blotto Lotto

blotto-lotto-bannerBlotto Lotto is a colourful, roller coaster ride of a game, with the chance to win up to £50,000!

Players can bet on colour patterns, most popular colours, numbers that will or won’t appear, as well as Jackpot bets and the special Gold Bet! You can check up on the ball history, see which numbers are hot and which are cold, place up to 9 bets at a time and even save and re-bet at the click of a button.

It’s with the Gold Bet, where the Blotto Lotto magic really happens. Played over 7 rounds, this fast-paced round by round game gives you the chance to win a share of the Gold Bet Community Jackpot or 100x your bet!

You start by picking a position, 1 to 6 and here is where you’ll focus your attention. On the first round, you’ll want the ball that lands in your chosen position to beat or equal the computer’s requirement. For example, the computer may say ‘it needs to be more than 4’ – if your ball is, you’ll progress to the next round. If not, you’re out.

Keep beating the challenges, which get increasingly harder, to win the game. Get past round 4 to grab a cash prize and all the way to round 7 to win the really big prizes!

With an amazing variety of colour, number and jackpot bets to choose from, all you need to do is sit back, relax and let those lucky balls roll in.

Adam Scott, Senior Bingo Product Owner said, “Blotto Lotto is a fantastic and highly popular game from Gamesys history that we have brought back to life!

With exciting new feature bets, UX enhancements and an appealing design, this new version is sure to appeal to players familiar with the old game, as well as a new generation of players ready to try their luck on any of our numerous bets! We expect the game to do really well!”