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Lee Fenton Appointed as CEO



At the Gamesys AGM in June, Roger Devlin informed our shareholders that he was stepping down as Chairman. Over the last nine years, Roger has been there to help advise and steer the board whilst our company grew from a small enterprise into the International, market-leading organisation that Gamesys is today. We learnt a lot and are grateful for his contribution. These learnings will hold us in good stead as we build the success of Gamesys well into the future.

Noel Hayden, our Founder and CEO for ten years, was appointed to the Intertain board following the transaction that we announced in April. This has led to him travelling a bit more and attending a few more meetings! So Noel decided it was the right time to promote himself to Executive Chairman of Gamesys. The ‘Executive’ title means that Noel will continue to lead the company’s vision, R&D and innovation agenda, have the final call on new product lines and oversee all corporate development. So he will still be very active and visible within the company.

Lee Fenton will move into the role as Noel’s CEO, and we have also announced that Robeson Reeves will take up the COO position. Robeson’s already doing a brilliant job running our country and marketing operations, and this role recognises what he has been doing for some time.

Press contact: Tina Southall