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Pop our Double Bubble Jackpot

double-bubble-jackpot-tile-15-972Double Bubble first launched on Jackpotjoy back in 2006 and rapidly became one of the most popular games on site. Over 10 years later and its popularity still hasn’t wavered. In fact, its live across several ventures and consistently comes out on top for actives and wagering.

What made it, and continues to make it, such a player favourite is its rapidity and simplicity. With Wilds, a Bubble Pop bonus round and a Bubble Line bonus, wins can come thick and fast and keep players spinning.

So why change a classic? The rapidity of its play and popularity made Double Bubble perfect for a Progressive Jackpot; it’s got the numbers and the engagement. It adds an extra dimension, without taking anything away from the original. In fact, the Slot itself is identical to Double Bubble in almost every way, except that a player can trigger an amazing jackpot win in the bonus round.

As soon as Double Bubble Jackpot was launched, players flocked to it in their thousands. The jackpot itself has already been won more than 6 times since its launch in January, with the top prize being a huge £107,000!

Tom Aicken, Head of Pre-Production said, “Double Bubble Jackpot keeps all of the fun of the original, but offers the chance to win a huge jackpot! We made a simple adjustment to the Pick Bonus which allowed us to add a Progressive Jackpot.

It starts at an incredible £20,000, but has recently been won well over the £100,000 mark! For any Double Bubble fan out there reading this, why wouldn’t you want to play this new and improved version!“